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Our Vision

To bring about real solutions to waste management and work towards creating a green environment for all.

Our Mission

To deliver technology-driven solutions to practical waste management solutions with the goal of minimising waste, improve waste recycling, and reducing the impact of human activities on the environment.

Core Values

The hummingbird is the source of inspiration for us at 5E Resources Limited,
whose values belie many simple yet profound truths for success.
Agile and Impactful

Agile and Impactful

Like a hummingbird, an agile and inconspicuous creature that plays a crucial role in the living ecosystem, we are making a real difference through our waste management services towards realising more sustainable living and conservation in our communities.
Aspiring to Beauty

Aspiring to Beauty

As the hummingbird carries the life-starting pollen that brings about full circle of all the colours of nature in the flora and fauna, we stand for all that is beautiful by treating human-made contaminants produced by industrialisation and urbanisation to reset the stage for the processes for the wellbeing of mankind.


Working tirelessly like hummingbirds, at 5E, we emphasise hard work to protect the earth, convinced by the universal good our efforts are having.


Like a hummingbird couple that understands the role each plays in ensuring the survival of their young, we believe every person on our team is like a family that forms a piece of the puzzle to achieving sustainability.

5E Elements
Mastery Of Our World

Inspired by humanity’s ageless quest to master our environment, 5E Resources Limited is constantly working on new and
innovative ways to manage the five elements (5E) that form the resources we rely on every day:

Metal (金)

A precious resource we strive to reclaim from our metal recovery process as a sustainable alternative to traditional waste disposal, if safely and efficiently managed, will bring immense benefits to environment preservation and establish a source of wealth to society.

Wood (木)

As we strive to better understand how our activities are affecting the flora and fauna on Earth and how we can adapt our approach to waste management to preserve this natural biodiversity that plays an essential role in supporting all living creatures.

Water (水)

The life-supporting element and the focus of our water treatment science and technologies which aim to purify and restore it before returning into the circulation of nature.

Fire (火)

The energetic element transforms the properties of our waste through processing equipment to make toxic materials safe or useful again.

Earth (土)

Or soil which are decontaminated to make its way back to the nature as a safe and productive element.
Plans & Expansion

Plans & Expansion

And, just as we always have, plans to widen our reach are underway—especially in Central Peninsular Malaysia where a small but equally important number of waste generators are underserved.

Offsite storage built in geographically strategic locations will serve as collection points to further improve cost efficiency in moving waste to the southern region for processing.

From investing into better technology, increasing processing capacity, obtaining new acquisitions, and forming new partnerships and joint ventures, we are doing our best to strike a balance in our growth and preservation of environment.