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About Us

Environmental Conservation &
Economic Sustainability

The Group has a long track record of scheduled waste management services that is helping to transform the way companies and communities handle their everyday waste, mainly in safe waste processing, disposal, and reclamation of salvageable chemical products that are sold and recirculated back into the economy.

The group history can be traced back to July 1997 with the establishment of TS Heuls Chemical & Engineering Sdn Bhd trade chemicals and provide maintenance services for wastewater treatment plants. Rising demand for scheduled waste management services led us to set up 5E Resources Sdn Bhd in 2006. We were successfully listed on Catalist Board of the Singapore Exchange Securities ("SGX") as 5E Resources Limited on 12 May 2022.
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The Responsibility

At 5E Resources, our close working relationships with the community and local authorities are aligned with our experienced management’s direction to ensure efficient waste processing that is necessary to deliver tangible results in our efforts of waste management services towards a green sustainable environment.

A Growing Enterprise

Today, 5E Resources Limited is listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange and all proceeds are assured to go towards the stated goals of the company, including the acquisition of an off-site storage plant, continued investment to improve our facilities, plants, machinery, and other capabilities, as well as the expansion of our business investments, mergers, and acquisitions.