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Operating Responsibly

In addition to compliance with environmental laws and regulations, we have established an environmental, social, and governance (ESG) policy that outlines our Group’s ESG-related responsibilities:
  • Our risk governance on ESG matters
  • ESG strategy formation procedures
  • ESG risk management and monitoring
  • The identification of key performance indicators ("KPI") and the relevant measurements


  • To leverage our skills, experience and facilities to evaluate and determine the risks, procedures, technology adoption and established KPIs based on these criteria: site selection, environmental impact assessment, emission control & wastewater control.
  • To be committed in cultivating a compliance culture among all our employees, where such culture is embedded into everyday workflow and strict expectations are set for responsible individual behaviour across the organisation, and monitored via regular internal compliance checks and inspections.




  • To actively contribute to the society by working with relevant government authorities and schools, participating in events to promote the concept of scheduled waste management and waste recovery.


  • To provide our employees with a safe and healthy working environment.
  • To ensure employees are provided with protective gear, and all equipment is inspected and maintained regularly.
  • To provide employees with operational manuals and educate them on occupational health and safety issues.


  • To enhance long-term shareholder value through enhancing corporate performance and accountability.
  • To implement the good practices recommended in the Corporate Governance Code and outlined in the Best Practice Guide issued by SGX-ST.
  • To ensure effective internal control measures are in place to mitigate non-compliances.
  • To review remuneration systems and ensure the remuneration policies as approved by the Board support our Group’s objectives and strategies, and are consistently being administered and being adhered to within our Group.